Zen Garden – Live Rosin

Zen Garden – Live Rosin

1 gram of Live Rosin

Available Flavors: Banana Punch, Gelato, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, Pink Glue, Grand Daddy Purple, Ice Cream Cake, Hawaiian Lime

(12 customer reviews)

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Introducing in house live rosin! Our live rosin is a premium AAAA+ concentrate that is curated by one of the best local producers of concentrates in British Columbia. This highly esteemed group of extraction artists have gained recognition for their concentrates most recently by taking multiple 1st Place awards at Karma Cup 2019. Using their proprietary methods and techniques, they have partnered up with us to use our cultivator’s flowers to create a concentrate that retains the delicate terpenes, cannabinoids and essence of every phenotype and strain-specific flower(s) they extract.


Banana Punch, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, Pink Glue, Grand Daddy Purple, Ice Cream Cake, Hawaiian Lime

12 reviews for Zen Garden – Live Rosin

  1. DarylCarlington

    Very clean and high quality rosin.

  2. SlowToke

    I dab for flavor and obviously higher high’s. The team at Zen Garden definitely did a good job extracting their flower and converting it into rosin. Each inhale and exhale offered an extreme punch of flavor. Recommend the strawberry cream!

  3. PietroDrakos

    I smear a bit of this on my rolling paper and throw in some weed . Really good mixture and adds a ton of flavor

  4. HighAF247

    One little dab hit and got instantly high.

  5. THCreviews

    Tried 3 different strains. Overall all the strains tried had a good pungent smell you look for in rosin. Colours and consistency on the rosin are really good and when smoking at the right temperature terps are really flavourful and not harsh

  6. BobbyWillson

    Delish on a cold start. Smooth throat hit and strong flavors! Ice cream cake and Banana Punch if anyone’s into the desert terps.

  7. ChrisDuhGreat

    Some crazy quality stuff

  8. EddyMack

    I probably tried every flavor on here and tbh man they all really good but Hawaiian lime probably my favourite lol

  9. Calvin Reigor

    Your brand of live rosins are super potent and is by far one of the best live rosins I have smoked. With so many strains to choose from I can never get tired of the same thing

  10. GurSingh

    First time smoking this out of a special bong and i never been higher before

  11. Tammy Harris

    I got a cookies dab pen for my birthday and I bought the orange cream live rosin for it and I love it. The rosin is so tasty and smooth and its such a quick and hassle free way to get high

  12. Jake Robson

    Quality of the live rosin is very clean. Terps and taste is on point. Really smooth smoking if you have a proper quartz banger on your dab rig

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