Trolli Medicated Octopus 600mg


Trolli Medicated Octopus 600mg

600mg THC – 2 pieces per package / 300mg each

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Trolli gummies are carefully dosed with 600mg cannabis to give you the best trip possible. Whether you’re at hanging out with friends, going camping, hitting the gym, or kicking back at home and watching a late-night movie, Trolli Medicated Octopus are the munchies to have! Try for yourself & order online today!

Pieces: 2

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Original, Very Berry

2 reviews for Trolli Medicated Octopus 600mg

  1. Craige H.

    Great to see the store carry Trolli’s, love their gummies! Flavorful and packs a punch to the head. Take it easy when eating one, it can really leave you a serious coma..

  2. benj

    Can’t take more than one at a time! Got me superrr fried! Definitely worth buying again!

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