Skittles 600mg

Skittles 600mg

Original, Tropical, Zombie, Sour, Brightside, Wild Berry

400mg THC – 20 pieces per package / 20mg each
600mg THC – 20 pieces / 30mg each

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Taste the rainbow with these delicious Sour Mix Skittles infused with 400mg of THC. Each pack contains 20 tasty skittle hard candies in a variety of assorted sour fruity flavours. A perfect snack-sized sugary treat for dosing THC while satisfying your sweet n sour tooth.

Pieces: 20

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Original, Tropical, Zombie, Sour, Brightside, Wild Berry

2 reviews for Skittles 600mg

  1. SabresFan

    I can eat the whole bag lol but I’d get to high. 2 peices are nice

  2. LarissaPersaud

    Skittles! My favourite! 🙂

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