Nerd Ropes 600mg

Nerd Ropes 600mg

Starwars, Rainbow, Rick and Morty, Runtz, Very Berry, Sour

600mg THC – 1 rope per package

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We are nerding out over these chewy and crunchy cannabis treats! Nerd Ropes are an excellent choice if you’re craving a THC infused candy coated rope. These Nerd Ropes pack in the cannabis with a dose of 600mg. Great for saving, sharing, or eating all at once depending on your tolerance.

Pieces: 1

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Starwars, Rainbow, Rick and Morty, Runtz, Very Berry, Sour

2 reviews for Nerd Ropes 600mg

  1. ChefEddy

    Finally had the chance to try these out as I’ve seen these around. Great pricing for the dose of the product. Only took a little nibble and definitely feel a little buzz creeping.. Will update when I eat the whole rope.

  2. BabyBoomer

    Oh buddy. Took one fat bite out of this like it was beef jerky. About an hour later I was stoned out my ass

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