London Pound Cake (OLD)

London Pound Cake (OLD)

Type: HYBRID / Grade: AAAA

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HYBRID (Indica-Dominant)
Grade: AAAA / THC: 27.5% / CBD: 0-1%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Grapefruit, Cake, Cream, Woody, Pine
Common Usage: ADHD, Depression, Pain, Insomnia

If you are a casual smoker, steer clear because this product might not be suitable for you. However, if you are in search of that nug with a density that isn’t too dense, and leafiness that isn’t too leafy, but rather the right balance, you are in luck. London Pound Cake is a gorgeous and exotic indica-dominant hybrid with nugs that are caressed by beautifully-trimmed trichome-covered olive leaves. This strain is like your typical indica, but it also blends sweetness and sugary notes that will create unreal flavours. After a hit of this, you will be so elevated that you’ll forget what the ground feels like. Definitely a great strain if you are looking for longer bouts of relaxation and sedation.


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