Herb Angel 50mg THC Capsules


Herb Angel 50mg THC Capsules


50mg x 10 capsules (Total 500mg THC)

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50 mg THC PLUS (made with RSO) is an effective, high potency dose of premium, Full spectrum Cannabis Extract. Lab tested, Herb Angels delivers the synergistic benefits of THC and CBD and additional terpenes and cannabinoids for an enhanced Entourage Effect. We use organic hemp oil to deliver a precise and consistent amount of THC PLUS (made with RSO) in every capsule for a pure and potent experience. Recommended for experienced consumers in need of advanced, therapeutic doses.


• Providing strong euphoric effects
• Insomnia
• Cancer
• Inducing appetite


Full spectrum cannabis extract: commonly known as RSO(Rick Simpson Oil) this unrefined extract maintains the full cannabis plant profile for maximum effects.


Refer to the THC Recommended Dosage Chart (1 capsule is 50 mg of RSO). Take one 50 mg capsule daily and increase dose as desired.

2 reviews for Herb Angel 50mg THC Capsules

  1. HungLam

    I take the cbd caps during the day at work but when im off work after a long day these thc caps gives me the best euphoric feeling and puts me right to sleep feeling refreshed when I wake up and ready to work again the next morning

  2. Emily S

    Love these! Healthiest way to take my edibles since im watching my calories now and i cant eat to much weed candy now unless its a cheat day hehe

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