Grimm Reaper

Grimm Reaper

Grade: AAA+ / THC: 26% / CBD: 0%
Lineage: Jacks Cleaner x Grim

Flavor Notes:
Piney Gas, Sweet, Funky, Fruit Undertone, Sour, Herbal

Common Effects:
Sedated, Sleepy, Relaxed, Hungry, Calm

Common Usage:
Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Anxiety

(7 customer reviews)

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7 reviews for Grimm Reaper

  1. JackyNiu

    LOL i was so high smoking grim reaper i was on a phone call looking for my phone for 15 minutes and it was in my hand on my ear the whole time hahah

  2. Shaha

    Gas! Makes you wanna munch out. Had an amazing sleep 😴

  3. LouCassar

    I feel like the grim reaper when i dont smoke haha this stuff puts me in a good mood

  4. Max Le

    This weed smokes and gets you high as if it were a AAAA+

  5. Robby Newton

    Rolled a little joint and had some outdoor work to do. Guess whos not mowing the lawn after smoking this hahaha. One of the best weed I smoked in a long time.

  6. Gary Polesky

    Nice hybrid with the indica dominance. Great if you like that heavy high during the day where you wont get a heavy burn out

  7. AgonMori

    This is really the grim reaper lol. High creeps up on you after you smoke it

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