Gelato Zkittlez


Gelato Zkittlez

Type: HYBRID / Grade: AAAA

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Grade: AAAA / THC: 26% / CBD: 2%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Berries, Sweet, Mint, Sour, Pine, Cream
Common Usage: Fatigue, Anxiety, ADHD, Stress

Gelato Zkittlez is the epitome of balance when it comes having a 50:50 ratio of indica and sativa. It has a sweet aroma that states its presence in any room with berry, creamy, and tropical notes. These buds give off a deep green hue and are complimented by thick golden-orange hairs – fitting for this beautiful Autumn season. This unique strain will provide users with a head heavy high that pairs perfectly with a full body sensation that helps to improve focus and sensory perception. These powerful and well-balanced effects make this strain the perfect choice for those suffering from fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, and stress. If you are looking for a new smoke, don’t pass up on Gelato Zkittlez!

1 review for Gelato Zkittlez

  1. Vucci

    Hands down the best Gelato cross bred I’ve tried. Super citrus gas smell to it with over whelming flavors bursting like the colors from the rainbow!

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