Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies 500mg


Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies 500mg

Variety pack of different flavors

500mg THC – 2 pieces per package / 250mg each

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Craving an out-of-orbit experience? Then go on a cosmic adventure with these Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies. Each pack comes with 2 delicious moon shaped gummies precisely dosed with 250mg of THC, making it a great snack not only for yourself but to share as well. Open up a pack and prepare for lift off!

The Cosmic Caviar brand is a high quality edibles brand. Produced on the Moon by the Moonrock Canada team of experts. The in house industry renowned culinary chef has made a very special and great tasting blend that INCLUDES the high Delta 9 distillate evenly distributed and always cooked in. Not sprayed. Moonrock Canada is proud to give Canada the best tasting gummies and edible line. The Cosmic Cosmonaut Space Bags are a massive hit for medicinal, social and recreational doses.

500mg THC per pack – 250mg X 2 Gummies


Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Variety Pack

6 reviews for Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies 500mg

  1. steelv

    Fire! These will knock you out cold but with your mind being awake lol!

  2. JeremyJensen

    Ate a whole peice and regretted it lol way to high. I’m gona take portions next time ahah

  3. LorenzoC

    Strong as hell! Took one and it got me super fried!!!

  4. Derek Mcdowell

    Half of one piece was way more than enough to get me high.

  5. Stephen Donalds

    got on a next level high thinking i could just eat a whole peice like a champ lol XD

  6. Christine Stockwell

    Just one small bite and i had a enjoyable buzz 🙂

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