Backwoods – Russian Cream


Backwoods – Russian Cream

Backwoods include Five (5) Cigars per pack

Smooth Vodka, Fresh Cream and Coffee

(8 customer reviews)

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Backwoods Russian Cream flavor is produced in limited quantities which is why they are so hard to get your hands on. Vodka infused flavor and aroma which makes them some of the most unique cigars around. Backwoods Russian cream has an incredible creamy coffee and vodka flavor you can taste from your first inhale of this cigar. It has become incredibly popular and is now the no. 1 selling flavor of all Backwoods cigars.

  • Five (5) Cigars per pack
  • Tastes: Smooth Vodka, Fresh Cream and Coffee

8 reviews for Backwoods – Russian Cream

  1. Vucci

    Exotic flavor! Was looking for these for awhile now. Rolled me up a fatty of Pink Frost and a little bit of the holy blonde hash. Super zooky!!!!

  2. ColleenShepherd

    Rolled my first ever backwood perfectly and the russian cream taste amazing. It adds a nice kick to your smoke 🙂

  3. TravisC

    These Russians hit way different than the Canadian backwoods. Now I see the why theres hype on them

  4. KayD

    Unraveled the Russian cream cigar and used the leaf to roll some ice cream gelato and that was the best tasting blunt I ever smoked!

  5. Jonathan

    I didn’t even see you guys had backwoods🤯 I been looking for Russian creams so hard to come across and people are taxing it so much everywhere. Appreciate you guys man🤙🏻

  6. Jules Soderbergh

    Packs here are really fresh. The sweet Russian cream taste you get from the blunt just makes the weed 100x better

  7. Phil Friedman

    Leaves been fresh and moist every time i unravel to roll one

  8. James Anderson

    Best flavour for woods period 💪🏼💪🏼

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