Pink Goo


Pink Goo

Type: INDICA / Grade: AAAA+

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Grade: AAAA / THC: 29.5% / CBD: 0%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Gas, Fuel, Pungent, Skunky, Sweet, Pine
Common Usage: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia

Pink Goo is the unique indica you’re looking for if you want to change it up from your typical pink gassy strains. The genetic heritage of this fancy strain is mostly unknown, but one of the ancestors is Northern Lights. The presentation of this strain is ridiculously eye-pleasing – it oozes buds and trichomes is every direction! The bud is beautifully caressed by vibrant orange hairs that just seem to hug every individual nug. When smoking, you can expect to experience floral notes with musky earth and diesel tones. As this strain is high in THC, it will provide a sedative body high that will last for hours! Pink Goo is a great selection for users who need to wind down and relax in the late afternoon and evening.

1 review for Pink Goo

  1. kdavidson87

    Beautiful buds, dense and coated in trichomes from the outside to the inside. The smoke is nice and smooth, not harsh at all. Definitely a potent strain that packs a punch. Another 5-star +++ banger ⛽️🔥

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