Rainbow Sherbert (OLD)


Rainbow Sherbert (OLD)

Type: HYBRID / Grade: AAA+

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Grade: AAA+ / THC: 23% / CBD: 0-1%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Citrus, Berries, Pine, Earthy, Sherbert
Common Usage: Anxiety, Nausea, Pain, Depression

Rainbow Sherbert is a perfectly balanced hybrid filled with many popcorn nugs that will make you question your existence. The buds blend bright green and deep purple hues, and are laminated with a sheet of white trichomes. It smells and has flavours that are citrusy and sweet. This strain will provide users with an intense psychoactive high that encourages creativity, productivity, and giddiness. A great choice for patients who are looking for that extra kick, or even treating their medicinal needs without that intense couchlocked feeling.


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