Platinum Cookies


Platinum Cookies

Type: HYBRID / Grade: AAA

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Grade: AA+ / THC: 18% / CBD: 2%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Sweet, Peppery, Floral, Pungent
Common Usage: Insomnia, Pain, ADHD, Anxiety

Platinum Cookies is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison and is definitely a great value. Don’t doubt this cookies strain, it can be a thick smoke because of its abundance of crystals all over its big nuggos! These large deep green buds are caressed by dark trichome covered leaves and thick orange hairs. It’s a popular hybrid strain that is known to fill your nose with sweet floral notes. Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress should look no further for relief, as physical and mood-related symptoms will instantly absolve after a few puffs!


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