Platinum Berry Breath (Do Not Use)


Platinum Berry Breath (Do Not Use)

Type: INDICA / Grade: AAAA

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HYBRID (Indica-Dominant)
Grade: AAAA / THC: 26% / CBD: 2%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Berries, Sweet, Diesel Undertone
Common Usage: Depression, Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia

Platinum Berry Breath is a balanced hybrid that is the result of a cross of Grateful Breath and BlackBerry X Goji OG. This fresh batch explodes with blue, silver, purple, and olive green buds and leaves, and is complimented with bright orange hairs in every direction! The terpenes in this batch have strong berry and sweet notes, making it a smoke that you’ll crave for all day and night. The high hits quickly and in strong waves. Once you feel it, your mind will be in a state of calmness with absolutely no anxiety. You’ll notice that your muscles will release its tension as you get more and more sedated. Platinum Berry Breath is definitely a delicious treat!

1 review for Platinum Berry Breath (Do Not Use)

  1. kdavidson87

    This bus is on another level. The buds I got were massive, and coated with a thick layer of trichomes. Breaking it up the buds were sticky and coated with trichomes all the way through. Perfectly trimmed and cured. Definitely Eye candy 🍭 The aroma when I opened the jar and broke apart a bud was amazing, fruity and earthy. The smoke is strong with this one, it’s a potent high that kept me lit for a long time. Nothing beats the quality bud these guys put out. Whoever the grower is needs an award. Holy Shmoke keeps coming with that fire 🔥 definitely gonna get some more on my next order. ⛽️

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