Original Fake Carts – Indica


Original Fake Carts – Indica

Total THC: 80-85% THC

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Original Fake Carts is a company based out of Los Angeles, California. They specialize specifically on high quality distillate. Each cartridge contains 1 gram of THC Distillate / 80-85% THC.

Product is free of PEG, PG & VG.

*Battery not included, please purchase vape battery separately.

Six flavours to choose from:
Sativa – Super Lemon Haze
Indica – Purple Punch, Blueberry
Hybrid – Wedding Cake, Grapefruit, Gelato

Cartridge Flavors

Malibu OG, Purple Punch, Blueberry Muffin, Do-Si-Dos

1 review for Original Fake Carts – Indica

  1. Chravis

    Flavorful and potent. Maybe 4-5 puffs and get a nice relaxing experience. Tried the dosidos as it’s my favourite strain. Would purchase again!

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