MAC 11

MAC 11

Type: HYBRID / Grade: AAAA

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Grade: AAAA / THC: 26.5% / CBD: 0%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Skunky, Floral, Sweet, Cream, Fresh Pine
Common Usage: Stress, Fatigue, Depression, ADHD

Miracle Alien Cookies #11, a.k.a. Mac 11, is an indica leaning hybrid with a lineage that combines Alien Cookies with a hybrid of Columbian and Starfighter. These buds have rounded, fluffy, and olive green nuggos with slight hints of purple. This strain creates a ring of resin around its cherry, and bubbles with every toke. This strain is very smooth to smoke, with delightful floral flavours that will keep you salivating for more. After a couple tokes, users will feel a mild head high that will all of a sudden fill with euphoria. Happiness will spread over your thoughts, and help users enter a motivated, focused, and calming space while getting lifted into outer space. We recommend for all users to try this strain at least once as it is fitting for any moment in the day!

2 reviews for MAC 11

  1. kdavidson87

    Every time I try a new strain from Holy Shmoke I say “this is my favourite one so far” and then I get to the next one and it’s the same thing. I haven’t had a single bad smoke from these guys. Mac11 is premium quality, the buds are gorgeous to look at and even better to smoke. You literally have a ring of resin by the cherry from the 2nd or third pull and it follows the ember the whole way down. This is super potent stuff and will have you high for a long time. Definitely another banger 🔥⛽️🔥⛽️

  2. Schravis

    Agreed with buddy above 👆. Recommend using your flash light, you’ll see those pretty little trichromes pop out. O rings are ooey gooey on a fat two pape. Cheeeeez

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