High Voltage Extract – Live Resin

High Voltage Extract – Live Resin

1 gram of Live Resin

Available Flavors: Ice Cream, Romulan, Orange Valley OG, Grape Ape

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High Voltage Extracts Live Resin is a premium AAAA+ concentrate that is curated by one of the best local producers of concentrates in British Columbia. This highly esteemed group of extraction artists have gained recognition for their concentrates most recently by taking multiple 1st Place awards at Karma Cup 2019. Using their proprietary methods and techniques, HVE is able to create a concentrate that retains the delicate terpenes, cannabinoids and essence of every phenotype and strain-specific flower(s) they extract.


Ice Cream, Romulan, Orange Valley OG, Grape Ape

5 reviews for High Voltage Extract – Live Resin

  1. Vucci

    Ice cream cake resin has a super smooth smoke with flavorful creamy ice cream taste. Must try the Romulan and Grape Ape.

  2. Marz86

    I like to put this on my pre-roll to make it a space doobie. If anyone’s curious on how to go about it: take little bits and just put it on top of the weed (maybe about 6 bits from beginning to end). Makes your spliffs last longer AND gives you a flavorful smoke. yummy!

  3. HelennMigo

    Just got this shipped to BC. Can’t wait to try the Orange valley!!

  4. Marc

    Grape ape is definitely the best, the flavour is amazing

  5. CramerJim

    Don’t sleep on ice cream cake if you’re into the creamy vanilla flavors. Great terpenes and fresh batches everytime I pick them up!

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