Gorilla Pink


Gorilla Pink

Type: INDICA / Grade: AAAA

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Grade: AAAA / THC: 27.5% / CBD: 2%

Common Effects:


Flavor Notes: Sweet, Fuel, Sharp Gas, Floral, Earthy
Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress

Gorilla Pink combines the best attributes of Gorilla Glue #4 and Pink 2.0 to create a smooth, fuel-like, and sweet smoke. This indica-dominant strain is known to be a silent killer because the effects are subtle to start, but in a couple of minutes, you will feel like you were punched by a gorilla. When the rush begins, users can expect an influx of euphoria and positivity – heavily influenced by Gorilla Glue #4. As more time passes, users will begin to feel relaxed, heavily sedated, and couch-locked – which are highlights of Pink 2.0. These crystal-covered buds are great to smoke after a long day to truly appreciate the potent effects.


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