Feel CBD – Tincture

Feel CBD – Tincture

Total CBD: 300/900 MG CBD

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– 30ml Bottle

– Available in 300mg or 900mg variations

– Measured Dropper


FeelCBD Sleep Drops are available in a 300mg or 900mg option. A full dropper measures out to 10mg of CBD for the 300mg option, and 30mg of CBD for the 900mg option. We only use Full Spectrum CBD as research shows a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes work most effective together, not isolated. Our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is extracted through Supercritical CO2 Extraction. For lab test results for the CBD we source click here.


For optimal absorption, use measured dropper to administer desired dosage underneath tongue. CBD Natural Drops can also be added to beverages or food.

Tinctures are a popular delivery method because of the ability to precisely measure to any dosage. When taking CBD sublingually, the effects can last longer in your system compared to vaporizing, but the onset can be much slower.


New to CBD? We recommend starting with 5mg of CBD once a day. This is best achieved by purchasing the 300mg option and measuring out half a dropper. As everyone is unique, the suggested use is a starting point. Once familiar with the drops, you can experiment to find the right dose for you. Microdosing not cutting it or looking for better bang for your bank? We suggest choosing the 900mg option.


If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs, are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions, please consult with your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.


If stored in the box at room temperature when not in use, drops will be good for up to 1 year. Past that, the product will not spoil, but may lose its potency. Oil may darken overtime when exposed to light and heat. This is the normal oxidization process of CBD and does not affect the quality. Any moisture inside the bottle could cause mold, so keep the dropper free from water and do not dilute product with water.


Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil & Essential Oils.

Available Drops:
– Focus (LEMON + LIME)


Focus, Calm, Sleep

1 review for Feel CBD – Tincture

  1. Bobnotthebuilder

    Insomnia? Sleep slapped that in the face. Took one full dropper 30 mins prior to bed time and knocked tf out. Woke up and didn’t feel too groggy, cup of coffee and bam. Day was made! Highly recommend. I’m sure the other types are just as effective if sleep was!

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