FADED – Shatter (SATIVA)

FADED – Shatter (SATIVA)

1 Gram Shatter

Available Flavors: Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Laughing Buddha, Strawberry Cough, Green Crack

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Faded provides extracts that are processed using premium strain-specific buds with medical butane. Using this combination allows our extracts to preserve the taste, potency, and consistency of each strain.

Flavours to choose from:

Jack Herer
Flavour: Earthy, Pine, Woody
Effects: Uplifted and Euphoric

Lemon Haze
Flavour: Lemon, Citrus, Sweet
Effects: Happy and Uplifted

Laughing Buddha
Flavour: Spice, Herbal, Earthy, Sweet
Effects: Uplifted and Euphoric

Strawberry Cough
Flavour: Strawberry, sweet, & berry
Effects:Happy, uplifted, & euphoric

Green Crack
Flavour: Lemon, Citrus, Sweet
Effects: Happy and Uplifted


Laughing Buddha, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Green Crack

4 reviews for FADED – Shatter (SATIVA)

  1. kdavidson87

    Tried the Jack Here shatter and added some to my joints, it added that punch that I was looking for. Definitely a must try item if you are looking to get baked baked. I’ve always loved Jack Herer, this is like Jack Herer on steroids. Great stuff!

  2. Hennyandbackwoods

    I break up my shatter and sprinkle it in my blunts. Gives mew a really strong dank taste on every toke

  3. JStanford

    Name speaks for itself lol one fat dab and your faded haha

  4. MyNameJeff

    This stuff gets me so high I like the sativas the best for the mellow chill high. The indicas and hybrids get me to stoned to function aha

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