Battery Pen, 0.5 mg Cartridge, USB Charger

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Elements cannabis vaporizer kits include a rechargeable battery, USB adaptor, and cartridge, all pre-charged and ready for use. Our vaporizers are sleek and designed for discretion.

Elements Cannabis vaporizer kits include:

  • Pre-charged and ready for use
  • Sleek design, with discretion in mind
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Adapter

Available INDICA flavors: Watermelon OG, Skywalker OG, Platinum Kush

Available SATIVA flavors: Maui Waui, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel

Available HYBRID flavors: Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Banana, Blue Dream


INDICA – Watermelon OG, INDICA – Skywalker OG, INDICA – Platinum Kush, SATIVA – Maui Waui, SATIVA – Super Lemon Haze, SATIVA – Sour Diesel, HYBRID – Pineapple Express, HYBRID – Girl Scout Cookies, HYBRID – Strawberry Banana, HYBRID – Blue Dream

1 review for ELEMENTS – Vape Kit

  1. CraigG95

    This starter kit is everything that you will need to have a great vape experience. The flavours of the Super Lemon Haze and Platinum Kush is beyond amazing. Great terpenes.

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