Blem – Live Resin


Blem – Live Resin

1g Live Resin

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This BC based resin by Blem will provide you with that intense experience that you are looking for. With a pureness level of 85-90% THC, this stuff will get you lifted beyond what you can imagine. These concentrates are great for dabs, pens, bowls and joints!


Nuken, Bubba OG, Violator, Super Berry

2 reviews for Blem – Live Resin

  1. Vucci

    Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuweee. Super Berry terpenes is incredible!!! Tastes exactly like the name. Smooth throat hit and literally no cough (make sure your temperature is set correctly). High was instant and long lasting. Was baked for at least 4 hours with 2 hits. Will recommend you try the Super Berry or Bubba OG!

  2. laughingbooda

    Violator and superberry are my favourite. high comes in instantly and was very very clean. if i’m not using edibles, then resin is my go to!

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